Interior Designer Offers Homeowners Professional Design Services Online

jemdenDoncaster, Australia – Nov. 28, 2015 – Jemden Interiors founder, Andrea Davison, announced that the firm is offering interior designer Hawthorn services. The company provides consumers with professional design services online for a single room or a complete home featuring custom furniture, lighting and window coverings, along with custom lamp shades and bedheads.

“We offer online services and products to make decorating or renovation projects easier for everyone,” said Davison.

Jemden provides individuals with art, accessories and wallpaper selections, along with mirrors, rugs, furniture and lighting options to create custom décor for any room. In some industries, offices are taking on a homier look for the benefit of clients and Jemden’s services offer an affordable means of taking advantage of the trend or simply updating the look of an office.

The Doncaster interior design firm works with owners of existing homes and those seeking decorating ideas for new construction projects. Jemden Interiors maintains a team of talented professional designers that work to create a design concept and provide a list of items needed to accomplish the look through the company’s unique six-step online process.

Individuals can have a room professionally designed for $450 and the entire process is conducted online. Clients receive an in-depth questionnaire to complete and return that outlines their preferences, style and tastes. A photo of the room to be decorated and its measurements are required.

A concept design is created and returned to clients that include a complete space plan and shopping list of the required furnishing to recreate the look. The service includes one round of revisions and clients can choose to purchase furnishing from Jemden Interiors or buy similar items at any outlet they prefer.

For those who aren’t sure how to begin or who want to recreate a specific look, Jemden Interiors maintains a blog with helpful information on furnishings, how to replicate trendy looks, and a wealth of decorating tips that includes how to accessorize with flowers for signature looks.

The interior design Doncaster services offered by Jemden Interiors offer a cost effective way to create a unique designer look for any home. There’s no need for individuals to spend hours traveling among stores, searching dozens of websites, or sitting through multiple consultations that may not produce the desired results. Jemden Interiors offers an easy and completely modern way to decorate.

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About Jemden Interiors

Established in 2004 by Andrea Davison, Jemden Interiors features her signature style for casual elegance to accommodate modern lifestyles. She was invited to design the centre stage for the prestigious Housing Industry Association show and make a presentation on “Colour in Design.” Davison has presented some of her design tips on the popular TV show, “Australia’s Best Houses.” The firm maintains offices in Kangaroo Ground, Lower Plenty, Doncaster, Donvale and Melbourne for client convenience. The firm maintains a presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google +.

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